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We offer all types the corrugated cardboard (3, 5, 7 layers) package solutions. Available high-quality any images print. Our specialists select the optimum design and cardboard type for each product. We supply package for many branches of industry – food, chemistry, mechanicals, etc. Our experience allows helping each customer choose the optimum package decision.


Raw materials from reliable producers

We‘re the official dealers of the biggest Europe corrugated cardboard producers for the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), so we can provide the highest quality and the best price of production we supply.

Each customer can be sure about his package decision

Our customers are also big and medium-sized businesses from wide variety of industries in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden. Terms of supply are agreed individually with each customer. Our experience allows you to properly place all the emphasis for successful cooperation.
The main criteria of success we consider the price, quality and timing of our supplied products and also flexible payment system.



Corrugated cardboard


Cardboard packaging – optimal for poultry, meat, and other products.

Currently on the market of packaging industry, in most production comes from two types of materials: plastic and cardboard, and the last is the most popular. Customers choice in favor of corrugated cardboard packaging in our opinion, the most optimal. This is important due to several reasons:
Cardboard boxes cheaper plastic; when compared to the price, the corrugated boxes will cost several times cheaper. Compare for yourself and see.
Another reason is that the board – an environmentally friendly and safe material with the possibility of recycling. If you care about the safety of the environment, cardboard boxes – the best package for you!

In addition, corrugated cardboard has a lightness, ductility, moreover – sufficient strength, ie, properties which make it ideal for packaging a wide variety of goods. All these features affect the ease and small corrugated packaging. In comparison with trays of plastic, cardboard boxes – much easier! They are supplied disassembled (in „flat”) form, which saves a lot of costs on their logistics.

For other parameters cardboard box does not lose the plastic container. Plus, it is possible to manufacture a variety of its designs – with reinforced walls and ribs, and the like, which increases the strength of the board several times, but, for example, the top cover to protect the products and makes it easy to stack them in warehouses.

It is convenient to carry manually. The design can be provided cutting-handle, and the size of packaging is convenient enough for „manual” transportation.
In addition, packaging of corrugated board perfectly withstand fairly large temperature differences.

You can order the various sizes and designs boxes according to customer needs. Our boxes are made of high quality, well-suited for products of food, knitwear, chemical industry and other needs for the safe and orderly packaging, transportation and storage.



In accordance with requirements in the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe number 94/62 / EC regulations on packaging and recycling of packaging materials, and how these means in the Republic of Lithuania Law „On the order of use supplied to the domestic market of the Republic of Lithuania, the packaging, and its residues”, we hereby certify compliance of delivered package mentioned legal acts, and also national standards LST EN 13432:2004, LST EN 13429:2007, LST EN 13430:2007; LST EN 13431:2007, LST 1655:2002, LST CEN/TR 13695-2:2004.


Types of corrugated cardboard

2 layers

3 layers 5 layers 7 layers




Other products


Water-resistant package - PE-laminated, with AQUA-craft-liner, Paraffin-laminated corrugated and simple (1-layer) cardboards. 

Plastic “luggage-box” handles. Mostly used with cardboard or metal boxes for food, electronics, bulk and other products.

Metal rivets.. Also used to fix the above mentioned handles.


FEFCO types

Type 02

Type 03

Type 04

Type 05

Type 06

Type 07

Type 09

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