Prof P Ramasamy . …Sinhalese Buddhist majority and the Tamil Hindu minority. In some cases, that cause could be for personal gain, as is the case with politicians who are often accused of protecting key voting blocks. Information and translations of political agenda in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Many Sinhalese, including a significant number of monks, closely associated their Buddhist religion with the political agenda and anti-Tamil violence of the more militant Sinhalese nationalists. In the late 20th century this conflict escalated into a vicious civil war. In this process, however, they have harboured several hypocrisies. Meaning of political agenda. I stayed with the Kodava people for nearly a week to explore the activities of Coorgs and Tuluspeaking community whose practices are similar to that … The SJV- led Thamil makkal Iyakkam, the pan-Tamil movement, never took off as a common front of the Tamil-speaking people, because the Vadukoddai Resolution and all other political movements initiated by the North represented essentially the political agenda of the Vellalars only. What does political agenda mean? In the morning, news broke out that asocial welfare organised, associated with Vijay, is registered with the Election Commission. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary A political agenda is one when a certain political party, group or individual is interested in furthering a cause, perhaps at the expense of other causes. agenda meaning in tamil with example agenda tamil meaning and more example for agenda will be given in tamil. Tamil Brahmins, in particular, have been fawning over Harris’s masala dosa video with Mindy Kaling and the latter’s utterance of the Tamil word chithi (meaning aunt) in one of her national addresses. Tamil Nadu actor Vijay's fans were in for a surprise today. political agenda definition in English dictionary, political agenda meaning, synonyms, see also 'political economy',political prisoner',political science',political commissar'. Tamil schools, sacrificial lambs of a political agenda. Definition of political agenda in the dictionary. 12:17pm, Tue: Of late, discourses on the nature and development of Indian community in Malaysia have invariably touched on the issue of Tamil schools in the country. agenda definition: 1. a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting: 2. a list of aims or possible future…. Tamil schools, sacrificial lambs of a political agenda Prof P Ramasamy. Tuesday April 10 Malaysiakini. Published 9 Apr 2001, 8:18 pm. However, what started as breaking news lost its sheen by the end of the day. For many Tamils, this confirms their long-held belief that it was only the LTTE’s guns that placed their concerns and need for power sharing on the political agenda. Learn more.